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Palm Trees and houses on a beach
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The Different Types of Travel

If wanderlust is getting the best of you, and you’ve been daydreaming about getting out of a town for a while, it’s time to start thinking practically about planning a trip and the different types of travel you can choose from.

There are so many different ways you can travel, and each of those ways is going to affect almost every aspect of the trip. If you’re traveling with young chidren or your 60-year-old parents, bar hopping is probabbly not in your future. (Unless you have really adventurous parents, in which case, first beer is on dad!)

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A lake and mountains in Switzerland
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5 Practical Ways to Travel More Often

One of the biggest barriers to travel can be finding the time. There are a lot of considerations: work, school, kids, pets, housework, and social responsibilities can leave you feeling drained as it is. How can you possibly quit all of these things for a week and leave the country?

If something is important to you, you’ll make the time for it, and that includes travel. Going somewhere new and different can be inspiring and life changing, and is definitely worth a little bit of effort.

There are a number of ways to find the time to fit travel into your life. I travel quite a bit and frequently get questions like “How do you do this?” and “How can I do this?”

Here are all the tricks I use to travel more often.

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Picture of ocean in Coron, Philippines
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Choosing Your Destination

Hooray! You’ve finally decided that you deserve a vacation; the next question is where do you want to go?  For many of us there are always a few places on our bucket list that we are dying to get to; the problem is choosing your next destination!

When I started planning my 7-month trip the first thing I did was pull out a world map and start highlighting countries of interest.  That lasted all but 5 minutes because I ended up highlighting the entire map!

What are Your Interests?

A way to simplify this process is by first deciding what you’re looking to get out of this trip.  Are you interested in activity and adventure, history and culture, nightlife or something where you don’t have to think and just relax? Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a beach bum, this is vacation after all and you are free to spend it any way you choose!

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